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Excerpt from L’Abri en Ville 2015 Annual Report


L’Abri residents enjoyed outings, walks and dinners with their volunteer teams, whether to mark special days or just to enjoy fresh air and good company. Day trips to Oka Park and to a ‘’cabane à sucre’’ broke the monotony of winter in the city. As ever, the entire L’Abri community turned out for our AGM, Volunteer Appreciation Dinner, and Holiday Party. Later in the year, a hot dog barbecue in a wooded setting at Angrignon was a huge success.

Summer brought a new experience – two relaxing nights staying at a former convent on nearby Ile St-Bernard. This replaced the Laurentian camp settings of the past. Many of our residents are now 50 and older, and preferred the private rooms and cafeteria meals to the bunk beds and community clean-ups of camp. The change from September to August also meant warmer weather for swimming and boat rides.

Many residents took part in the annual Walk for Mental Health, a source of pride this year as L’Abri en Ville received a $4,500 grant from the event’s foundation, to be used for air conditioning our apartments. Many also lent helping hands in spring and fall, to fold our newsletter and stuff and label envelopes for mailing.

This year as ever, some residents played roles in the community. Though not all residents felt able, some addressed groups about mental illness, or agreed to be resident representatives on our Board . Others joined volunteers as the face of L’Abri at a Volunteer Fair.

After years of selling hasty notes and holiday cards to raise funds, residents came up with a new idea. Through the fall they created dozens of hand-painted glass Christmas tree bulbs, with the immense help of volunteer Joan Esar. These lovely objects made an eye-catching display at our annual citrus fundraiser, along with ne L’Abri calendars yielding an impressive return, used to fund outings.

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