Annual Reports

Annual Report 2022 – Executive Summary 

In 2022, we continued to embrace the new normal, continuing our hybrid model of in-person and Zoom meetings between residents and coordinators. Our board and executive committee also continued to meet virtually.

L’Abri was also able to obtain an improved and less costly insurance with UMQ. Our 2022 fundraising campaign was a success. The ongoing concern for L’Abri and its sister organizations is the rising cost of living.

In November, Les Tôits d’Emile, our sister organization in Châteauguay, held a Gala to celebrate their 20th. Anniversary. Cecily Lawson (pres.), Pepita Capriolo (vp) and Star Gale (Dir.) prepared a virtual congratulatory message on behalf of L’Abri.

A Planning Group has been formed to explore the issues of volunteer attrition, the rising cost of rent and the problems faced by residents in accessing health services. 

Online book clubs in French and in English continued to be held. Residents were able to resume some in-person activities in 2022. These included the annual get-away to Île St. Bernard, concert-going, a theatre outing, museum visit, an outing to the Biodôme and the highlight of the holiday season was attending the Cirque de Soleil show “Corteo” in December.  Celebratory meals were delivered to the residents at Thanksgiving, Christmas and in the spring – the last being a cabane à sucre style meal in lieu of a visit during the Omicron resurgence.

Professional cleaning of apartments was carried out in 2022.

A new part-time coordinator, Lori Goodhand, was hired last spring. All staff members participated in a virtual workshop on conflict resolution and an intervention was provided by Suicide Action Montreal following the passing of one of our young residents.

Interns Catalina Gonzalez from McGill School of Social Work and Norah Ioannou from Dawson College’s Social Services program organized a virtual workshop for volunteers in April. Dr. Alan Fielding was the presenter. Catalina and Norah completed their internships in the spring of 2022, while Kevin Hummel, a student in the McGill School of Social Work, continues in his field placement with us.

At year end, there were three vacancies in the apartments. 

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