Our board team (from left to right) front row: Dale MacDonald, Pepita Capriolo, Cecily Lawson, Richard Dufour. Back row: Sam Beitel, Sue Purcell, Luke Gruber, Maxene Rodrigues, Jane Bourke, Sandra Baines, Afric Eustace, Gulam Sohrab. Missing from photo: Sharyn Scott, Charles Pearo.

L’Abri en Ville is guided by a working Board of Directors, an Advisory Council, an Executive Director and Coordinators.

The members of the board are drawn from various sectors of the community, providing a knowledgeable and compassionate base for decision-making. The fact that many of its members are also apartment volunteers, and that two residents are members, makes the board very sensitive to the needs of the residents. The working board meets often to keep abreast of developments through reports from coordinators and standing committees, to consider new ideas, and to assure financial security (see L’Abri en Ville’s Annual Reports).

2024-2025 Board of Directors

Executive Council

Pepita Capriolo, President
Maxene Rodrigues, Vice President and Secretary
Cecily Lawson, Past President
Sharyn Scott, Treasurer
Sandra Baines
Richard Dufour
Dale MacDonald

Board Members

Sam Beitel
Jane Bourke
Afric Eustace
Luke Gruber
Charles Pearo
Susan Purcell
Gulam Sohrab

2024-2025 Advisory Council

Allan Fielding, M.D.
Marc Laporta, M.D.
Marjorie Sharp, B.C.L., LL.M.
Warren Steiner, M.D.
Campbell Stuart, B.C.L., LL.B.


Staff Team

Star Gale, Executive Director
Michelle Mills, Coordinator
Leah Daghman, Coordinator
Lori Goodhand, Coordinator
Sally Cooper, Office Administrator