Annual Reports

Excerpt from  L’Abri en Ville 2016 Annual Report posted below.

In 2016 L’Abri en Ville marked its 25th year providing stable housing for people living with mental health challenges. By happy coincidence it was also the year our long search for a property ended, with the purchase of an attractive condo near Atwater Market for use as our office.

In spite of greater demands on time related to our November move, we managed to make positive changes in many other areas, including fundraising, administration of apartment finances, and quality of life for our residents.

Fundraising, always a priority, became even more important once L’Abri acquired a property. Special attention was given to improving our contacts with foundations and other funders, so important to our work.

Apartment rents and utility bills, previously deposited and administered by volunteer treasurers, were consolidated for greater efficiency.

With help and support from partners, we were able to install a computer in each of our ten apartments for general use, and air conditioning to reduce residents’ discomfort during our increasingly hot and humid summers.

Many residents contributed to the world around them by volunteering in hospitals, residences and community centres. Others sat on our board of directors or spoke at public events about living with mental illness.

Volunteers continued to play a vital role, sharing their lives with residents and keeping things running smoothly – from helping organize events for the L’Abri family, to offering their expertise in setting up our new office, to redesigning our newsletter.

L'Abri en Ville Annual Reports

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