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    Our mission at L’Abri en Ville is to provide a stable and fulfilling environment for persons with a mental illness through safe, affordable housing and inclusion in a community that supports their social, material and spiritual needs. We believe in a society in which persons with mental illness can be full, contributing members. We extend support to others interested in adopting the L’Abri en Ville model.
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    Montreal Walks for Mental Health 2016


       Sunday October 16th 2016

    L’Abri en Ville Walks for Mental Health.

    On Sunday October 16th, 2016, join L’Abri en Ville residents, volunteers, staff, family and friends as they march in the streets to raise awareness and funds for mental health initiatives at this year’s Montreal Walks for Mental Health.



    Last year the Montreal Walks for Mental Health was again a big success as L’Abri supporters participated in great numbers adding their voice to the cause and raised $2,153 for our organization. Furthermore, The Montreal Walks for Mental Health Foundation awarded L’Abri en Ville a special grant of $4,500 which enabled us to outfit the apartments of L’Abri residents with air conditioning units, providing a healthier, cooler summer for many years to come.




    Paul Aubin, President of the MWMH, writes: ‘’The Montreal Walks for Mental Health Foundation brings together ten health institutions and Community organizations that work to increase public awareness about mental health. We believe that having a public discussion about mental health is one of the best ways to reduce the stigma that prevents so many from seeking the help they need.’’




    Join us again this year, Sunday October 16th, on this ‘’walk towards a world without stigma’’ while raising funds for L’Abri en Ville.


    Photographs from Montreal Walks Gallery. See more…

    For more information please visit the Montreal Walks for Mental Health website at http://mtlwalks.com

    Annual General Meeting 2016

    All are welcome to the Unitarian Church of Montreal located at 5035 Maisonneuve Boulevard West on Tuesday, March 15th, 2016 at 6pm for our annual general meeting.

    The church is located 1 block east of Vendôme Metro Station.

    The AGM is open to the public. Please RSVP.

    514 932-2199 or info@labrienville.org